Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe
Part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour

See you on FEBRUARY 3rd, 2018


Part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour

INDOOR MEETING stands for athletics at the highest level. For over 30 years, Olympic champions and world champions present themselves at the beginning of each year in Karlsruhe. More than 4,500 spectators will experience legendary moments live such as, for example, the 1,500 m indoor world record of Ethiopian Genzebe Dibaba in 2014.

The tour events for the IAAF World Indoor Tour 2018:

February 3 - INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe, February 6 - 13. International PSD Bank Meeting Düsseldorf, February 8 - Madrid Indoor Meeting, February 10 - New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Boston, February 15 - Copernicus Cup Torun, February 25 - Müller Indoor Grand Prix Glasgow

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Time table for 2018 INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe

The spectators of the 2018 INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe can look forward to enjoying 3,5 hours of top-class athletics   mehr ...

Timetable for 2018 INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe you can find here.

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INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe on February 3rd is sold out!

About three weeks before the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe all tickets are sold.   mehr ...

About three weeks before the first starting shot sounds at the 34th INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe, the event is sold out. “This is earlier than ever before”, Martin Wacker, CEO of the organizing company KARLSRUHE GmbH, is happy to report. “It reflects the strong increase in the Meeting’s popularity as part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour as well as the incredible athletic quality.”
For technical reasons, remaining tickets will be available on the day of the event at the box office from 2:30 p.m. These tickets can only be released after construction of the athletics arena and TV setups. Advance sales are therefore not possible.

European champion Cindy Roleder in the hurdle race at them INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe

Cindy Roleder returns after an injury break of almost seven months.   mehr ...

Double European champion Cindy Roleder (2016 in Amsterdam over the 100-meter hurdles and 2017 at the European Indoor Championships in Belgrade over the 60-meter hurdles) is also committed to start at kick-off of the IAAF World Indoor Tour on February 3 at the INDOOR MEETING in Karlsruhe. With this Roleder, a native of Karl Marx Stadt, returns to the sprint track after an injury break of nearly seven months.

World record holder Dibaba and the German "Wild" start over 1,500 metres

A strong middle-distance with German participation promising a spectacular race.   mehr ...

By tradition, watching the 1,500 metres discipline of the women is a really amazing thing. The seven and a half rounds are filled with utter excitement. The sports director Alain Blondel made a pitch for the 2018 edition, taking place on the 3rd of February at the fair grounds of Karlsruhe, that will leave the middle-distance fans speechless: First there is Genzebe Dibaba, the current female indoor world champion for that distance, and furthermore Konstanze Klosterhalfen, Gesa Felicitas Krause and Alina Reh.

SPORT1 will broadcast the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe live on free TV

The Karlsruhe INDOOR MEETING is back on SPORT1. The top-class athletic event will air on Germany’s leading 360° sports platform for the first time since 2003.   mehr ...

SPORT1 will broadcast the traditional competition on Saturday, the 3rd of February, 2018, from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm, live on free TV. There will also be a free online livestream at as well as Facebook Live and YouTube from 4.30 pm to 8.10 pm.

Dirc Seemann, editor in chief and content director at SPORT1: “The IAAF Karlsruhe Indoor Meeting is an important date on the international athletics calendar. SPORT1 will extend its already enormous portfolio with this top-class athletic event and will also multimedia material about this prestigious competition on SPORT1 and its apps.”

Martin Wacker, managing director of the hosting company KARLSRUHE EVENT GmbH: “SPORT1 stands for hight-quality live sport, renowned sport expertise, and knowledgeable and entertaining reporting. For us, as the first stop on the IAAF WORLD INDOOR TOUR, this means the best possible national coverage at prime time. We are now ´front and centre´ in mainstream entertainment and will reach sports fans all over Germany!”


World Cup high-flyers from Germany will be starting at the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe

Gina Lückenkemper and Pamela Dutkiewicz are taking the whole athletic nation by storm   mehr ...

In 2017 no other female German athlete was faster than the two of them, neither indoors nor outdoors, and during the London World Championships in summer the two caught everyone’s attention on the track and in the media: Gina Lückenkemper and Pamela Dutkiewicz will join the list of top athletes like Renaud Lavillenie and Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch.

Enormous milestone in TV marketing

The tour wins renewed international reputation through the new TV marketing of EBU and ESPN   mehr ...

For the next six years, the EBU, European Broadcasting Union (EUROVISION), and the ESPN Media Distribution have acquired the worldwide rights to broadcast the IAAF World Indoor Tour meetings.

Pole vault high flyer Renaud Lavillenie comes to INDOOR MEETING in Karlsruhe

The spectators of the 34. INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe can particularly look forward to enjoying Renaud Lavillenie, world record holder and Olympic gold medalist in the pole vault.   mehr ...

There is probably no better place in Karlsruhe to introduce a high flyer. High above the rooftops of Durlach and Karlsruhe on the Turmberg terrace, Renaud Lavillenie, world record holder and Olympic gold medalist in the pole vault, attended the press conference for the 34th INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe and chatted about the coming months with sporting director Alain Blondel. And first off, the most important is that: “The achievements in training are once again on the right track. To have that feeling, as in the years 2015 and 2016, where I so often managed to jump the six meters, returns again,” said the athletics superstar. He spent two months pausing to regain his former strength after many injury problems.

“On the one hand, it´s a excellent meeting with great fans, but I also want to perform well in the run-up to the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham”

“I’m back in training since six weeks. The INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe will be the second full-time meeting for me and is very important to me. On the one hand, it’s an excellent meeting with great fans, but I also want to perform well in the run-up to the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham,” said Lavillenie, who became a father in 2017. Even the question regarding the Meeting record, which the Frenchman himself holds with 5.91 meters, he does not leave unanswered: “I know that this event is very important for the audience. I will be in very good condition and, in any case, I want to attack the hall record.” “To which height?” “I want to increase it at least between one and ten centimeters,” says Lavillenie, who himself organizes a pole vault Meeting in his home town of Clermont-Ferrand.

INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe with high demand for tickets

Ticket sales for the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe began about a month ago.   mehr ...

Ticket sales for the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe, the kick-off event of the IAAF World Indoor Tour on February 3, 2018, began about a month ago. And the advance sales are off to a great start. “Approximately half of the tickets are gone, a few blocks are already sold out,” Martin Wacker, CEO of the organizing company KARLSRUHE EVENT GmbH, is happy to report. The run on tickets is particularly noteworthy due to the fact that the traditional first press conference with top athletes has not taken place yet. “Athletics fans in the region know the value that the INDOOR MEETING has gained in the last years, especially through the IAAF World Indoor Tour. Some of the best athletes will compete here in Karlsruhe – and we will be able to announce a very special top star at the beginning of December,” Wacker continues. This, but of course also the entire INDOOR MEETING, can then be followed on free TV around the world – analogous to the Diamond League in the summer – since the joint marketing of the IAAF World Indoor Tour was a success. “We have achieved a major milestone,” Sports Director Alain Blondel declares. “The tour will continue to gain international recognition through this.” The state of Baden-Württemberg has also recognized the radiant power of the INDOOR MEETING, as a result of which Minister President Winfried Kretschmann has assumed patronage of the only international indoor athletics meeting in southern Germany.

Events of the 2018 IAAF World Indoor Tour announced

With four months to go before the 2018 IAAF World Indoor Tour begins, the International Association of Athletics Federations has now announced the events of the individual tour meetings.   mehr ...

Athletics fans can look forward to the following tour event:

Men: 60m, 800m, 3000m/5000m, shot put, pole vault, triple jump
Women: 400m, 1500m, 60m hurdles, high jump, long jump

Additionally, each meeting can organize competitions outside of the tour events; these will be announced by the individual meetings over the coming months.
The following events will take place in Karlsruhe:

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