Press Release 2018, December 18th

Lisa Ryzih to challenge Ekaterini Stefanidi to a duel in dizzying heights at the INDOOR MEETING in Karlsruhe

The tension at the women's pole vault competition will be as high as the bar / Only a few more tickets available

In pole vaulting, Ekaterini Stefanidi counts as the measure of all things. The Greek athlete currently holds the title of Olympic Champion, World Champion and European Champion both for the outdoor and indoor events. She could hardly have achieved more – the exception being the Indoor World Championships where she was “only” able to take home the bronze. The 28-year-old has a shiny collection of a total of five gold, two silver and two bronze medals from the Olympic Games and international championships.


Press Release 2018, December 11th

High Jump European Champion Mateusz Przybylko to attend INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe

Big duel with Gianmarco Tamberi / Przybylko betting on IAAF World Indoor Tour / Experience it in real time with the SWR live stream

It was one of the most breath-taking competitions at the European Championships in Berlin: the men's high jump, in which Mateusz Przybylko won the gold medal in a perfect competition. The Olympic stadium was alive as Przybylko, at his lean 1.95 metres, rose to new heights, only to literally explode as he earnt himself the title of European champion. He has already secured two open air and four indoor German championship titles after starting his super year 2018 at the indoor World Championships in Birmingham with a bronze medal. Now, Przybylko also wants to secure an IAAF World Indoor Tour victory. 20,000 dollars in prize money and the wildcard for the indoor World Championships 2020 in Nanjing, China, are attractive and so Przybylko is not only competing at the INDOOR MEETING, but he also has the CopernicusCup in Torun, Poland, on 6th February and the tour final in Düsseldorf on 20th February firmly in his sights.


Press Release 2018, December 5th

Shining silver at the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe

Kristin Gierisch and Fabian Heinle promise great jumps

Light athletics fans certainly love remembering the European Championship this summer in Berlin. The German athletes also thrilled the spectators at this highest level of sport. The INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe will continue to be this thrilling. It’s celebrating its 35th Meeting this year, making it the indoor meeting with the longest tradition in Europe. Sports Director Alain Blondel is giving it a new shine, aligning the sports disciplines to the German athletes’ success at the continental title matches: “Of course we make sure that we can present medal winners at the INDOOR MEETING. Among other things, we’ve got the Women’s Triple Jump, Men’s Long Jump, but also the Men’s High Jump in the programme.


Press Release 2018, November 6

Big run on tickets for the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe

More than half of the blocks are completely sold out / Only few tickets left in Category One

Tickets for the 35th edition of the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe became available a month ago – and are selling like hot cakes. Seven of the twelve blocks are sold out, and free seats in the remaining blocks are dwindling quickly. “Following the European Championships in Berlin, where German athletes delivered outstanding performances, we are seeing a growing excitement about athletics. Category One tickets are nearly sold out. This is fantastic,” Martin Wacker, CEO of the organizing company Karlsruhe Marketing und Event GmbH, is happy to report. “We are also benefiting from the fact that we are part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour. This guarantees that top athletes will make their way to Karlsruhe and that world-class athletics will be on display,” Wacker adds.
The number of seats at the Karlsruhe athletics arena was raised to 4,996 to meet the higher demand for tickets that became evident over the last years as seats sold out early. Now, a total of about 1,000 tickets are still available – three months before the Meeting. If fans are aiming to put tickets for the athletics spectacle under the Christmas tree as gifts, they should act quickly.


Press Release 2018, October 9

Experience world-class athletics at the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe is the second stop of the World Indoor Tour / Advance ticket sales start next Friday / Audience capacity increased

The 35th INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe is only 116 days away. In 2019, Karlsruhe can once again look forward to world-class athletics – as part of the international indoor athletics series IAAF World Indoor Tour. Just like last year, in addition to Karlsruhe, the Meetings in Boston, USA (January 26), Torun, Poland (February 6), Madrid, Spain (February 8), Birmingham, Great Britain (February 16), and Düsseldorf (February 20) will form part of the 2019 World Indoor Tour. At the six Meetings, the stars of the athletics scene will battle for points in their discipline. Due to the high level of interest in the past years, the organizers, Karlsruhe Marketing und Event GmbH, have increased the number of available tickets from 4,500 to 5,000. Last year, the Meeting was sold out weeks in advance.